10 Pieces All Working Women Should Own

Whether you’re someone who favors sticking to timeless-wears or a self-proclaimed work fashionista, having a work-friendly closet is absolutely important. Nothing screams competence and professionalism like a look that highlights your elegance whilst also making you appear incredibly stylish and trendy as well. Read on the 10 must-have pieces for working women that will make your morning dressing way easier and chicer:

  1. Charmed Blazer

A well-tailored blazer is feminine, classic and flatters all body silhouettes and outfits. Go for a structured cut that emphasizes over your waistline and fits you well (instead of swallowing you) in traditional work-hues like navy, grey, whites and blacks.

  1. Little Black Dress

Undoubtedly your best bet when all fails! Hop into your favorite sleeveless laced or ruffled LBD and you’re all set for work. Add a crème blazer or printed shawl for some brightness. You can also add a stylish cropped leather jacket for some luxe. A contemporary white dress is another great option that we love!

  1. Oxford Shirt And Boho Blouses

On days when you need a tad more shape to your look, an oxford shirt definitely will impress. Having a few of them will prove to be completely essential and flawlessly sits between a simple and fancier look.

It’s also a great idea to stack-up the closet with pretty tops and tees in elegant prints like florals, plaids and delicate details like embroidery, modish sleeves etc, for some luxurious aura.

  1. Pencil/Tulip Skirt

A timeless favorite, there’s something so intricate yet business-like about a pencil skirt, making it an infallible pick. Opt for traditional work-hues and go for a brighter, detailed top or vice-versa with hoop earrings to give your outfit a fun twist.

  1. Pantsuits

Nothing makes a female feel more empowered than an attractive pantsuit. Go for conventional hues like navy blue and cool grey even purples or checked prints, or for something fancy in bright shades (like reds) if you’re working in a creative industry that’ll really make you stand out.

  1. Dark Denim Jeans

That’s right, these are the perfect combo of a professional yet casual look- great for Fridays or a fancy meet-up with your colleagues. You can never go wrong with a trendy button-down shirt (crisp white maybe?), dark-wash denim flared pants and brown belt. Add a nice blazer, a statement necklace and heeled-velvet boots to rock.

  1. Wide-Legged Slacks

For optimum comfort and style, wide-legged pants are your lifesavers. Not only do they make you appear amazingly put-together, but also give the impression of longer legs. For more length, opt for striped patterns.  Pair with a balloon-sleeved top or neck-tie blouse and stone studs.

  1. Wrist-Watch

A stunning timepiece is a sophisticated accessory that’s everlastingly fashionable. Stick to exquisite golds and silvers that’ll go with most of your looks or go for a brown leather strap for a polished touch.

  1. Big Totes

Having a dazzling large tote at work is so handy. You can keep your makeup, hair brush and go-to stuff without any worries. We suggest revolving around neutral hues of working women’s fashion like beiges and blacks that go with everything.

  1. Comfortable Shoes

It’s important you wear shoes that are gentle towards your feet since you have to be in them all day. For a casual feel, go for something open-toed (lovely ankle-strap, lace-up heels) or closed-toe pumps (ballet flats, mules or pointed heels are the finest) for a more refined look.

Do you have these working-women’s fashion must-haves wardrobe staples?

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