Shopping The Personal Stylist Way

Would you believe it, I had one of “those “Shopping Moments ” too!


Earlier this week I made a decision to get myself uncomfortable and do something I wouldn’t normally do, start early morning session work outs with my  personal trainer Kerry Mazur

What got me into one of those shopping moments was I needed a new pair of runners, since ehm… I have NONE!

So this morning I was on a mission, I took my little one and went to Rebel Sport to buy a pair! I went to say Hello to Kerrie and Dimmy at Gracies Boutique next door and told them what my mission of the morning was!

I felt so excited to buy my new beautiful SHOES, thinking and making a plan on deciding which colour, in order to match my active wear (which are somewhere down the bottom of my wardrobe, I said somewhere right”?)

So walked in with my youngest, who, knew exactly where the shoes were!

I got there and “MAMMA MIA” , I was shocked to see how EXPENSIVE as pair of trainers can be! “NO WAY” I said and that very moment I though hmmm “I wonder if my clients could be feeling exactly the same way when they come to me, excited to do something yet when the investment side of things turn up they might to get a shock.

I went straight into PANIC mode thinking: haven’t been here for 20 years, then being confronted with what, “no way I’m not spending $200 for runners which I am going to use a couple of times a week,” “ I rather invest those $ for a nice pair of nude ankle boots, pumps or new black ankle boots for winter, which are already on my winter shopping list! At least I know where my priorities lay!

Totally shocked , I ran out and went back to Gracie’s Boutique to look for some “comfort”! Well, interestingly enough …. And thank you to Dimmy who said: “you should apply to yourself what you are teaching your clients”. “You want to INVEST in good runners, because they are important for your legs, knees, back…. hmmm…. I thought, she is totally right!

After a good laugh with Kerrie and Dimmy I went back to Rebel Sport and tried on a few different pairs eliminating the thought of what these things would cost and knowing that investing in myself is what counts.

Which one do you like most? Right or Left ? ?

And after a good 30 min. deciding size colour and “gym” socks … I ended up with these:

I have to say I am so excited and the choice came down to how I felt wearing them and not price. WOW I placed value on myself!

And now even more I understand that when ladies come to me they are most likely feeling the same way, its crossing that line in the sand whilst not seeing what the other side looks like can be so daunting

However I have to say that now I am so excited and looking forward to my next venture with great enthusiasm

Sometimes a little inspiration to take the step can go along way,  thank you so much Kerrie and Dimmy in helping your stylist this morning! We had a great laugh ?

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