7 Habits Of Insanely Stylish People

We all know that one woman who’s always effortlessly beautiful wherever she goes. She can toss just about anything and make it appear so chic because she simply owns it. These women convey confidence with the ability to carry inexpensive ordinary pieces and work around it without having it look like they are even trying. Wondering how? Well, they’ve their own set of unique everyday habits that help them get the look they wish for in a jiffy. So ladies, read on and adopt these style habits to amp your glam game up:

1. Mixing High-End Items With Economical  Ones

A fashionable woman doesn’t putting-together the most expensive clothes she can purchase. She creates a trendy look by wearing items at various price points that makes her a vogue star. You can usually find amazing inexpensive seasonal wears like denims, casual slacks/tops, t-shirts and sundresses to pair with those designer handbags, shoes and high-end clothing.

2.Organize Their Wardrobe

Women in style have their accessories and clothes organized in a neat manner to see every bit of what they own. This style habit lets them utilize their closet to its full potential without having those “nothing to wear moments” and later finding the right dress hidden under a stack of outfits.

3. Investing In Staple Pieces

Remember: Less is more. This is especially important while you’re buying closet essentials like cashmere, leather goods (belt, shoes, bags), LBD’s, tees and suits. Quality pieces are made to last, the material is nicer and soft, the stitching and seams are stronger, won’t fall apart post some wears and will last for the seasons to come.

4. Tailoring Outfits To Fit Their Silhouette

The stylish woman knows her body and what perfectly complements it. She also knows how every garment should fit like a blazer must be structured from the shoulders and if skirts rise while walking, they’re too tight. They have their tailored to enhance those groovy curves and look their finest.

5.  Accessorize Well

Accessories are the heart of women’s fashion- wearing an outstanding dress is just a part of it. Knowing how to finish your look with the perfect accessories and footwear is what makes an ultra-stylish woman turn heads. Whether it’s a trendy cross-body bag with minimal jewelry or statement pieces with a clutch, ensure it complements your entire look.

6. Staying True To Your Personal Style Statement Is Key

If you’re into shopping for every season, it’s certainly quite tough not to hoard up your wardrobe with trendy clothing and shoes every now and then but stylish women don’t let trends overwhelm their closets. They mix a dazzling hue or design/cut of clothing to match their looks and only shop for items that make them glow inside and out.


Nails, hair and skin are just as important as your outfit and you must take care of them. A stylish woman doesn’t leave the house without making sure that her skin is clean and the makeup is flawless, no matter how minimal or dramatic it is. They also make sure that their hairstyles go well with their looks and are neat. You will never spot uneven nails and chipped polish on such ladies even if they aren’t into professional manicures and pedicures.

Follow these women’s fashion style habits and watch people take notes of your polished fashion sense.

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