7 Types Of Clothing You Should Get Rid Of Immediately

Do you face those frustrating moments when you’re staring at your wardrobe full of clothes and yet have nothing to put-on? While shopping might seem like the only solution to revive your style, purging your wardrobe is actually your best bet to flaunt with your style statement.  Believe me ladies, you don’t need anything more, but play smartly with less.  Here’s our pick of the types of clothing you should discard immediately to revitalize your women’s style:

  1. Whatever’s Damaged Or Stained Beyond Repair


Your clothes, bags and shoes are made to be worn only until they’ve completely lost their charm, implying that you’ve truly made the most of them. If they’ve completely worn out, its high-time you raise the red flag.

  1. “Clone Clothing – Same Multiple Dresses”

It’s great to have timeless pieces but do you have multiple striped rompers or 6 white floral dresses stacked up inside? Take them out and consider why you bought them initially and thought that they were any different from the rest? Grab your picks from each group and hang them in.


  1. Items You’ve  Worn Once Or Don’t Wear

Some may be too busy or statement-making so you don’t wish to jump into them yet again, making it look like you’ve repeated them, as well as those that don’t compliment your persona. If they were purchased for special events or fit-well, they might come in handy in future. If not, time to dispose of them.


  1. Anything  That Doesn’t Compliment Your Silhouette


We’ve all stacked up pieces that do not fit perfectly on us or would someday fit when we get taller, shorter, skinnier, fatter and such. We understand those woes but its time you lay out all those no-longer fitting items and consider what makes them so unappealing for you.

If it’s your weight that fluctuates, you’d want to buy sweaters or pants that come with some stretch and cuts that can adjust to a changing body.

  1. Items That You Once Wore All Day But Now Despise

Whether you’ve switched your job or style, these are always a few items that we once adored so much but now don’t.  You probably won’t fall for them again anywhere in the future, particularly if that trend, design and style for you is long gone. Your closet is only meant for items that you really love and bring out the best in you.


  1. Super-Comfy Home Pieces You Put-On Only When Too Lazy

Those worn-out stained tees, oversized sweatshirts, saggy yoga pants are ones that you probably wouldn’t where anywhere else besides your home. No matter how relaxing they get, they won’t enthuse you to have a more stylish or organized life. So even for those idle days, go for comfortable pieces that are sleek and also neat.


  1. “Filter” Every Other Thing

Whether it’s something that’s hip but makes you feel low or giveaway pieces- something that makes you wonder why you bought it and doesn’t accentuate your features, complexion and overall charisma, they aren’t worthy of any space in your close so toss them out now.

Save time for deciding what to wear and save your wallet for purchasing pieces that you actually adore for your women’s style.


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