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3 Keys to SMART shopping!

Good Morning Ladies! When shopping for clothes, it’s absolutely essential to know the difference between “cheap”, “inexpensive” and what makes a “bargain” Cheap: it’s the characteristics of the garment rather than the cost that defines the quality of clothing. (is it poorly made?) Inexpensive: Is a good thing. It means well-made but low-cost clothing in […]

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How To Make Extra Space In Your Wardrobe

Good morning Ladies! Happy Monday! I have noticed many times during the wardrobe makeovers that people keep the “wrong” clothes just because they have been given… People feel good about passing clothes along that they no longer wear, and it feels good to get things for free, isn’t it? What happens though when these clothes […]

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A Sunday Classic

Good Morning Ladies, Here is a Sunday classic, beautiful green, red’s and blues with matching tan bag and boots Whether for breakfast, brunch or lunch or just a coffee at the local cafe, this 4 piece set makes the ideal outfit for a nice morning when the sun is out and shining Happy Sunday Ladies! […]

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