Closet Mishaps

Stepping into an untidy wardrobe is such a frustrating way to start your day. A closet mishap is not only really traumatic to look at, but also surely conceals few of your most adored pieces behind all those old jackets, shoes and boxes. Whilst de-cluttering might appear like a feared thing on your unending to-do=list, going for these easy tweaks will result in a clutter-free and organized future for you and your wardrobe. After all, your wardrobe does hold your most prized and gorgeous possessions, therefore give it all the love it deserves! Let’s get started with some style advice to avoid any closet mishaps:

The Elimination Process

Start with a wardrobe cleanse by tossing out pieces that you never wear. All of us have a habit of holding onto items that have sentimental importance, but let’s be real, you’ll never put-on your old prom dresses again, so chuck them out and start afresh.

Keeping out of season pieces at bay would also let you cut down on your shortage of wardrobe space. Pack those items in boxes and tuck them away in another closet or a storeroom.

Breaking The Fold

Folding in a standard manner is one of the best to show all your casual jeans, mini/midi dresses/skirts, and tops while saving extra rail space.

The finished product is a refined one that unveils all of your favorite tops and bottoms, without hiding them in a hanger or a drawer.

Hand Them Up

Long and bulky pieces like dusters (maxis), blazers and jackets must be hanged to leave more shelf space for items like those aforementioned tops and denim jeans. It’s also important that you hang all your formal or work-wear attires so they remain attractive and new without any extra creases.

Invest in quality hangers to prevent those trendy threads from dropping to the ground. Tough wooden hangers give a more refined feel and are strong enough to hold heavy pieces. Felt hangers are another good option as they save more space due to their slimmer design. If you’ve shorter rails, go for multilayer hangers.

Boutique Chic

Feature your most beloved and trendy pieces of the season on the front rack while re-vamping your closet. This makes it easier to find the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion with more ease while giving your all those beautiful room boutique vibes.

Mix And Match Hues

Color coordinating your clothing is a great way to let those folded tees and slacks be grouped with one another so that finding a specific item becomes easier than ever.

Racks On Racks

Having a handy and modish shoe rack or hanger to your wardrobe increases your floor space to double. They let you neatly organize your footwear and stack one over another. This lets you find the pair you wish to wear easily without any trouble.

Sort Accessories Out

One way is to place your stylish belts, bags, and scarves in a large left-over shopping bag or have them neatly placed (one by one) on a separate rack or closet drawer. This way they’ll be out of view, yet really easy to find and wear.

Follow these women’s fashion style advice to have a relaxed and fun closet in no time!

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