Essential Wardrobe Makeover Tips

Been a long time since you looked forward to getting all dressed up in the morning? Have all your outfits and looks started to look the same? If so, buck up ladies, it’s high time to shake things up a tad bit in the closet department!

It’s actually quite easy to revamp your wardrobe and we’ve come up with some foolproof styling advice up our sleeves that’ll let you reinvent those boring looks that’re stuck in a rut. Let’s get started with some wardrobe makeover tips and hacks for organizing, accessorizing and clothing.

Start With a Closet Sweep

Donate or throw away any piece that is lying untouched for over 8 months and only keep items you know you’ll wear for sure. Ensure you have staples like layers, skirts, jeans, dresses, classic tees in various styles and colors.

Play With the Fashionable Monochromatic Trend

Put a twist to your overall look by choosing separates of the same hues in complementary tones to craft a unique look of your own. Or trade your whites and blacks with different colors in varied tones.

Let Accessories Be The Limelight

Nothing beats the aura of a woman dolled in accessories! Bling your basic attires up with chic, dainty accessories to sway attention away from the clothes and towards them. Bracelet bags, statement necklaces, neck scarves, mirrored sunglasses, stone studs or hoop earrings are some things your wardrobe must have.

Include Some Detailed Dresses And Slacks To Your Kitty

These are our most-worn pieces so having them both in different styles is essential. Be it straight legs, flared or boot cuts a good pair of jeans is one of those items that anchor different ensembles. While your dresses, be it straight, flared or pencil are perfect for a high-end feel while enhancing your groovy curves. Look to your wardrobe, figure out which style, color/print or cut is missing and get that.

Have a Proper Bag Collection

It’s important you have a classic tote for work, one for a formal occasion or vacation and a classic clutch where you can keep your money and keys while on your evening stroll. Look for pieces that complement your outfits and come with beautiful design details and shapes.

Be Bold And Have Fun With Colors

Don’t be afraid of trying bright colors like yellows, crimsons and oranges. Add brightly colored clothing piece/shoes/bags/accessories to turn heads. If there is a drought of a shade in your wardrobe, it’s time you get it fixed. Make sure your closet is a combination of traditional neutral work hues, bright, blush and pastel shades for your inner fashionista to shine through.

Merge Varieties of Clothing

Make the most of your wardrobe by mixing and matching different genres. Complement those sporty tanks with feminine midi-skirts or high-waist shorts or slacks or go for a glam and casual ensemble with your trendy ruffled blouses and button-down tees with tie-up wide leg pants for maximum effect. This way, you wouldn’t cause a dent to your pocket by buying new things.

Remember: Also try the latest off-beat trends to standout. Add few trending bathrobe dresses, croc platforms etc and a variety of sneakers, pumps, heels (strappy, pointed, wedges).

Ready for a wardrobe makeover using this styling advice?



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