Feel Like You Can’t Dress Well?

How To Dress Better! 

Do you ever think that because you’re not a natural with clothes, you can’t dress well? Or you’re not creative or a visual person so your outfits will always be boring. Or you don’t pay attention to the latest fashion and you don’t have the time to shop so you’ll never be one of those women who looks put together all of the time. 

I hear this from many women. And what they’re saying is that they believe they don’t have style. Whether they tell themselves that style is superficial, and they’ve got more important things to tend to. Or that they really are too busy to find the time to figure out how to dress. The underlying issue isn’t about the clothes at all. 

Your Thoughts = Your Style

When you tell yourself that you don’t have style, you’re saying your style isn’t a priority. Because everybody has style!

It’s your way of being.

Some are more intentional and think about how they want to dress and express themselves. While others make little to no effort, and justify by saying they don’t have time. Which often means they think it’s selfish, shallow or too she-she to work on their style. 

This is how the no-time excuse shows up in day to day living:

  • Giving yourself the bare minimum of time to get ready so it’s hectic and you feel rushed getting ready. 
  • Leaving the house without the earrings you wanted to wear. Or your shoes or coat were an afterthought, and don’t work with the rest of your outfit.
  • A uniform that feels more utilitarian than stylish. 
  • Getting dressed to get out of the house rather than to feel confident in your clothes.

What I’ve found is that underneath the no-time excuse lies a belief of unworthiness. They’re not worth the time, energy or money to invest in their appearance. 

What It Takes To Dress Well

To crush this belief that you’ve got no style, stop telling yourself that you don’t know how to dress well. Or that you can’t be bothered because you’re too busy. Your thoughts create your actions which lead to your results. If you’re telling yourself I have no style, and then acting on that thought by putting little to no effort into what you wear, your result will be an uninspired style. 

If you want to feel more confident in your clothes then change your thoughts.

Instead of saying I have no style, how about introducing curiosity and the idea that it’s possible to be a put together women. Sure, this will require some styling know-how to create harmonious outfits (here’s you can learn howbut since your style is your way of being, it all comes down to:

- Who are you?
- Are you showing up as the haphazard women who can’t find the time to figure out how she wants to dress?
- Or are you the confident women who knows how to put herself together because she’s invested the time, energy and money into wearing clothes that amplify her most inspired self?

Think about who you want to be, then align your clothes to match that feeling.

What have you always told yourself about your style? I can help you to create YOUR style and a wardrobe that reflects YOU. 

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