Find Out Which Colors Look Best On You

Whether you’re into caring about how you dress up or not, being aware of what colors and shades look great in you is essential if you don’t want people to talk about how dull and sick you look always. Because believe me, ladies, unflattering shades can literally drown you in horrible ways soo keep the importance of color mixing and matching high.

There’s an explanation as to why we incline towards similar hues over and over again. Because some just look so attractive on us due to our skin tones. We’ve come up with this really interesting and simple style guide to help you determine which color looks best on you and complements your finest features:

Defining The Undertones

Look at your veins- if they’re purple or blue you’ve cool undertones. If they’ve got a yellow or greenish cast, you’ve warm undertones.

Warm Rider

Go for pretty “earthy” hues like dark leafy green, brown, saturated sunny yellows, creams, burnt oranges and that color of those red maple leaves when the autumn breeze flows. Shades like camel, heathered brown and taupe are in your zone as well. Go for these when in doubt and add some tinges of rose gold or yellow to for the skin to glow.

Cool Up

Cool toned ladies, look their finest in “calm” shades like navy, gray, royal blue, white etc. Consider shades which remind you of the sky, sea and lush waters. For metallic, silver is truly your best bet.

Know The Art Of Shading

Comprehend that it’s some shade stuff and different tones of hues can produce a warm-cool crossover. For instance, there’s warm-red that has an orange undertone and then there’s cool-red that has a bluish touch to it.

This is especially essential to think about while you’re choosing your signature shade of red lipstick. Pink and greens are also two crossover shades. A color that looks flawless on all? Plum it is! It’s harsher than blacks for warm-tones and gels in well with those purple and blue veins for cool tones.

Understand The Color Wheel

Mixing of colors has been all the rage for some time, so it’s important to know how different hues work off one another. If you divide the color wheel in two halves with an invisible mark, one side will be cool and the other warm.


Choose a shade and drag your finger over the mark to its straight opposite shade and you’ve got your two complementary hues, one cool and one warm.  If they pair up on the wheel, they’d definitely look harmonizing within your closet. For the flattest of looks, place the shade that works perfectly for your skin tone nearest to the face and the other shade a bit further away. Got cool tones for example? Go for calm and cool shades for your top, necklaces or earrings and the complementary warmer ones for your bag, shoes or bottoms.


Next, choose another hue and look directly to its right and left.  The shades you see are the original hues’, analogous mates. Is the color analogous on your wheel? It’ll work flawlessly with your outfits. You can also hold to your own side of the wheel to safeguard the best probable color palettes for your undertones and complexion.

Do you follow these women’s fashion tips for color-coordinating your looks with grace?

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