Are You Ready To Give The Gift Of Style?

Do you know a fabulous woman in your life who is craving some self-care and a confidence reboot, but is always putting everyone else's needs first?

Give her the gift of style with Ramona Borg for a Style & Colour Consultation.

(And give her no excuse but to take some time solely for herself!)


This is your loved one's chance to sit down 1:1 with Ramona for a 60 minute session to discuss her current style and the styles she wants to move toward. I’ll have her complete a questionnaire and a bit of homework that will help me understand her personal style. We clarify her image goals, and how her wardrobe plays a part in day to day life, where her confidence struggles are and how she can gain confidence back fast, as well as how she could best benefit from style coaching.  

It’s an immersive experience, totally tailored to your loved one and her needs, and guaranteed to provide her with the motivation she needs to revamp her style, own her unique personality and feel stunning in her own skin.

During the 60-minute Style & Colour Consultation your Loved One Will..

  • Discovering and understand her style personality
  • Understand what her look says about her
  • Learn about how to use style to improve her confidence and self-esteem
  • Identifying and define the image she wants to achieve
  • Discovering the best palette of colours that will enhance her complexion
  • Receive her colour palette on her phone

Kathy – Geelong- Ramona has totally enriched my sense of style and totally changed the way I dress and look. I now look amazing every single day! 

*Gift certificates are sent out by email or by mail (additional fees postage surcharge will apply)  within 24 hours of order placement. Recipients can contact me directly to schedule their appointments.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.