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In today’s blog post, I decided to share a little story with you guys about a client I worked with. As a personal stylist, I have had the opportunity to work with many beautiful ladies, helping them understand their style, what works for their body and how they can look good every single day. Each journey has been special for me because it is so amazing to see how their style, personality and confidence level changes throughout time. It brings me great joy to be able to help so many women out in feeling more confident in their own skin and figuring out what works for them.

I decided not to take any names here, so to share this story with you let’s call this particular client Anna. Bring Anna’s personal stylist was a great experience and she was a delight to work with. After just a few weeks of working with her, I was super happy to watch Anna reap the benefits of the changes we decided on.

Before our journey started, Anna was really dissatisfied with her wardrobe. Putting an outfit together every single day was a struggle for her and she was never happy with the outcome. She told me that her wardrobe had changed very little over the past 20 years, even though her lifestyle and body has gone through some major changes. Anna was having trouble figuring out what her style is and she felt hesitant to switch things up because she was afraid of things not working out. So, she kept on wearing the clothes in her wardrobe even though she did not like them. She had no idea what would look good on her body and did not have the confidence to enter boutiques. Anna always shopped at big department stores and a large number of options always confused her, so she stuck with what she knew. I think it would be safe to say that Anna was lost.

You can’t possibly start feeling great wearing the same thing over and over again, right? If you want to see some change, you need to be the change. This is what I told Anna, that she needs a wardrobe makeover. We had a long talk about what she expected to see every time she looked in the mirror and the clothing items in which she felt the most confident. In the end, a lot of items in her closet had to go, which was basically the first step to her style transformation change. Slowly, we started moving towards other things such as shopping at boutiques, trying on a whole bunch of clothes and filling Anna’s closet with the clothes she actually looked good in. You want to see and feel the change and get something back for your time and investment.

Today, Anna certainly does see the returns because she now feels great about herself and even receives compliments from others. She has this newfound confidence she never had before and it is amazing to see that in her!

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