Make Your Professional Style More Memorable

Want to pull your professional style together in a way that feels polished, yet understated? 

Perhaps it’s because you’re delivering a presentation, or maybe you’re being interviewed for a new position. Sometimes it makes the most sense to wear an outfit that gives you confidence without distracting from your point of view.

I’ve got clients who are hired to give talks, and they don’t want their clothes to detract from their speech. They don’t want to blend into the background. They want to show up as a dynamic presence. And I’m certain the right outfit can help you do this.

Your Professional Style

Your professional style has a job to do. It’s got to give you confidence so you tackle your tasks with grace. Depending on your work environment, there may or may not be a dress code. Hopefully, you’ve got that nailed down so you have plenty of work wear options to choose from each day.

And while your professional style should represent who you are, there are certain occasions when you may want to tone down and present a more refined version of yourself. But that doesn’t mean you have to be boring!

Small Touches

To help make your outfit more memorable, you’ll need to go big on your small touches. It’s these little details that help you stand out. But not in a LOOK AT ME kind of way. It’s more of a subtle call.

Here’s a few ways to add an understated elegance to your look.

Go Monotone

Wearing a column of a single color is a surefire way to unify your look. With a dress this is is easy, however, it won’t be as memorable. It’s when you wear two pieces like a skirt and top, or a pants and blouse (don’t forget your "pop" piece!that going monochromatic really pulls the look together for a refined finish. I’m loving a column of white or beige, or even a mix of the two tones together for a clean feel that is both subtle and classic.

State Your Signature

When you’ve got a powerful message to deliver, you don’t want your outfit to be the main attraction. But you still want to feel incredible and exude success. This is why I recommend incorporating a signature piece into your look. It could be a piece of jewelry. Maybe it’s a scarf. Or perhaps it’s a hot pink shoe. (This would be great with a neutral monotone look!) The point is to have something that’s meaningful for you so when you put it on you’re imbued with confidence.

When you want to pull your professional style together in a way that feels polished, yet understated, try scarves, columns of color and a signature piece. These details will make your work wear outfit more memorable without overpowering the situation.

If you are not sure what kind of details to add to your outfit that make you feel more confident, a wardrobe makeover is perfect for you! Click here to learn more...

Ramona Borg
Helping women feeling confident in their clothes!