Simple, Savvy Style Secrets For Mums ‘On The Go’!

Majority of us mums spend most of our day shuttling the kids around, carrying out work meetings, running errands for home and work and trying to include some workout. Our key concern while getting ready every morning is to own a look that is comfortable, equally versatile, easy-to-carry and of course- gorgeous enough to make us stand out.

Whether you’re a former glamour star or a wannabe fashionista, here are few life-saving style secrets for moms on the go to feel all spectacular no matter how tough their routine gets.

Reduce Your Morning Regimen

Go for a natural look rather than a heavy foundation with a tinted moisturizer that is so much easier to blend in while leaving the skin with a youthful, healthy glow. Dab some concealer on those dark spots, fine lines, under-eyes and wherever else you need. Swipe on some mascara ( a liner too if you have an extra minute), add a tinge of blush followed with some lipstick- and voila- you’re fully ready to head-out in just five minutes.


Invest In Beautiful Staples

Mums spend so much time in timeless basics- tee, jeans/shorts and other easy-wearing, comfy pieces that are so useful while you’re chasing the kids around or doing other house chores. However, just because they’re simple, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Grab a variety of cuts and designs from distressed high-waist denim shorts to boot-cuts, straight, skinny, flared, wide-legs and cropped slacks etc that complements your silhouette and looks great with everything from those neck-tie blouses, to boho tops, tanks and blazers.


Play With Accessories

Adding some shimmer and bling to your look with some jewelry like a statement necklace, bracelets, dangling earrings or even a hat.  for a fashionable, go-to look.



Choose Comfort And Flair

Got a chic pair of printed leggings? Rather than a hoodie and flip flops, keep it chic with ballet flats and a belted tunic. Take out time to stack your wardrobe up with some pretty skirts and dresses in timeless styles- A-line,  flowy or pencil, tulip cuts, few classic structured blazers in neutral hues, some trendy tops even elegant rompers in pastel, bold and light hues/prints (high-end and casual ) to fill your wardrobe with a fun mix of cozy yet super-attractive outfits beforehand.

Go for effortlessly contemporary basics (LBD, crisp white tees, pencil skirts etc),  keep your clothes ironed and neatly stacked so you only have to jump in them at the 11th hour.


Accentuate Your Finest Features

Blessed with some super-luscious lippies? Swipe some bold color for a picturesque pout. Got some grooving curves? Turn heads with a wrap dress that cinches in and embraces those assets. As a mum on the go, it’s important focus on enhancing the limelight over one or two classy features, instead of minimize or fixing flaws, which usually feels like an endless battle.


Do you follow these quick mom’s fashion style secrets to stay young, relaxed and beautiful all day long?

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