Well..what can I say about this gorgeous lady…she is amazing in what she does!! And a beautiful soul..
My journey started about 6 months ago and it has been the most wonderful experience. Ramona has taught me so many things about my then awful wardrobe. One good clean out made and a few good quality purchases has minimised the amount of clothes I have in my wardrobe and increased the amount of outfits I can now wear with confidence and of cousre Style!! A few simple tricks makes such a difference and I can wear the same outfit over again with one simple little change and it feels like a new one! I cannot thank you enough Ramona!! Xx – D. S. – Melbourne VIC


I approached Ramona after spending about a year online trying to work out my colours, my style – I just never felt ‘put together’ and despite all of my research I was more confused and lacking in confidence than ever. From our first meeting I felt that Ramona understood me and that she would be able to help me. We spent a day together and Ramona stepped me through understanding more about my personality and lifestyle and how that, together with my body shape is much more important than colours or trends or seasons. The best part of our day was working through some of my pieces in my wardrobe and creating new outfits from them. When I wore those outfits over the next few days I not only felt confident but received compliments too. I can’t wait to play more in my wardrobe. I feel as thought I have a new found confidence about what works for me and why. Thanks Ramona x – L. P. – Geelong VIC


I had been feeling a tad frumpy & am not 21 anymore nor am I a size 8 anymore! I first approached Ramona to help me with my wardrobe makeover as I was feeling a little sub conscience as I didn’t want to look like “mutton dressed as lamb “.I spent several hours with Ramona working out my colors & style. Then we went shopping & she picked me out some of the most amazing outfits. Ramona showed me what to were for my age & size & I love my new wardrobe makeover 🙂 It’s increased my confidence 10 fold & I now know what to look for when I’m shopping. No more wasting money on items that don’t suit me.

Ramona has a fabulous bubbly personality & loves her work & it shows. I’d recommend her to anyone. CH, Sydney, NSW


Ramona is amazing as a personal stylist. Doing a wardrobe makeover was the hardest as now being 48 I wasn’t sure of what suited me now and I kept EVERYTHING!  Now my wardrobe is manageable and I know that everything in there suits me and fits. The shopping trip was also a highlight as Ramona helped me and gave me great hints in what to buy and what NOT to buy…. gave me rules to go by for future purchases. She has also been a gem being available for photos and letting me know what suits me and what doesn’t.  Always offering suggestions for making something look even better.   Thank you Ramona. K.H. – Melbourne VIC


I am so grateful to be introduced to Ramona Borg. My friend Grace bought me a session with Ramona for my 60th Birthday, best Birthday gift ever.
Ramona has totally enriched my sense of style and totally changed the way I dress and look. I now look amazing every single day without needing to buy anything.
Initially, I thought that I would need to buy a lot to look stylish and amazing but it was the opposite.
So if you are out there thinking you need some help with styling please call Ramona, you will be professionally styled and will not need thousands of dollars to look amazing.
Ramona created 75 outfits when I had wardrobe reintegration session. I would have never imagined that that is possible. I will always consult Ramona for the rest of my life. Kathy P, Geelong VIC


Hi Ramona, I just want to drop you a quick note to say thank you! You are an amazing personal stylist! Working with you has introduced me into a new approach of personal styling. I really like your systematic approach that started from my colour palette, analyzing my body shape and using it as a foundation in choosing the attires that best emphasised some of my positive attributes which I completely ignored in the past. After a few discussions as to what I want and what’s my personal style. You have methodically organized my closet. Some clothing was donated, but amazingly, you kept much of my clothing, and showed me how to combine items I had never considered wearing together. I have lots more outfits now, and mix and match all the time. I also want to tell you that I really enjoyed our shopping trip together which was the most fun ever! We flew through so many stores choosing items that would look good on my particular figure and coloring, and laid out shoes to go with the clothes. Never has shopping been so easy or fun for me! It was like shopping with your best friend, only one who could say no and had great style.

I’m super happy and feel like a totally different person with new confidence in the new clothes.

Thank you once again, my personal stylist! Geraldine, Melbourne, VIC


It was a great experience for me working with Ramona, and I was surprised at how much I learned within a very short time. Being a busy working mother of 2, my main concern coming into this program, was that I won’t have the time to spend on myself, but I learned so many easy and effective techniques about styling, grooming, shopping, that it has completely changed my outlook. I get a lot of positive feedback from everyone nowadays and feel great about myself, and all of it without spending much effort or time. I highly recommend this program, especially for busy moms like me. Deb, Sydney, NSW


I had an amazing personal style journey with Ramona, she helped me so much after I had my little man when suddenly my body and confidence changed so much, none of my clothes fit right anymore and my lifestyle was completely different to my old pre-baby life. I was at a lost when it came to fashion and I hated shopping! But with Ramona’s guidance, I now feel like I’m back on the right track and in outfits, I feel confident and proud to go out in. She showed me that just because now I’m a mummy doesn’t mean I can’t be a yummy mummy with style! My personal style makeover was a present from my partner who noticed I was a bit down about my new mummy body, he now cannot get over how good I look and how much more happy I am, thank you again Ramona! Well worth the investment! Xx Sam J. – Melbourne, VIC


Ramona is very professional, friendly and knows her stuff! I had her over the other day for a color and style session, it was very informative and I learned a lot. Thanks Ramona. Highly recommend. T.C. – Melbourne, VIC

Ramona has literally changed my life! Before I saw Ramona I’d just had baby #3 & was feeling insecure, ugly, fat & without any confidence at all. Over time she helped me to see that my body was beautiful by showing me how to dress & flaunt my assets & hide my problem areas. I’ve done the whole package with Ramona – body shape, colors that suit me, wardrobe makeover & finally the shopping trip. Ramona made me realise that no matter what body shape you are or what size you are she will find clothes that will suit you. She has taught me how to dress with style & most importantly given me my confidence back. I can not thank you enough Ramona. M.C. – Melbourne, VIC


I signed up to work with Ramona when I got to the point of having a huge wardrobe makeover full of clothes, but each day having a meltdown because I couldn’t find anything to wear. I have always found fashion a bit overwhelming, but she has made my life so much easier. We have done many sessions, which have included going through my wardrobe makeover, reorganising it and then putting outfits together with what I already have. Then we went shopping and bought new pieces to compliment what I already owned. I now have a fantastic capsule wardrobe where all my clothes mix and match with each other and it is easy to get ready each day. Signing up with Ramona for a year’s worth of support has been a fantastic investment for both my confidence and my for my sanity each morning. M.M. – Melbourne, VIC


Ramona is professional, friendly, expert in her field and provides excellent service! Loved the process and loving knowing my style and all what she has taught me!!!! Thanks Ramona! You really look after your clients! Strongly recommended! V.D. – Melbourne, VIC


Ramona has helped me to understand my style, my colours, and my body shape and more importantly why and what I want my style to be. We have then gone on to redo my wardrobe makeover and I now have less clutter, but more clothes I love and know how to wear with each other (who knew) :). It was a joy working with Ramona and learning how to mix classic pieces in with casual and creating those unique twists or pops in a creative but natural way that totally resonates with my personality and my role as a founder of a business and community and small business advocate. I highly recommend her as an investment in your self whether you have a role that demands it or you have been through significant life or size changes. She will help you find your best “YOU” and give you simple and practical rules and guidance that will give you the confidence to know you rock it. thank you Ramona! S.M. – Melbourne, VIC


I recently engaged Ramona as my “personal stylist” as I dislike shopping and was starting a job and needed a wardrobe revamp. I had quite a limited budget and Ramona was able to work with me to find pieces that work with the couple of items I already have, plus she schooled me on the importance of jewelry for finishing an outfit. We ended up coming in under budget woo hoo!

Thank you Ramona for making shopping much less than it normally is. You put in a lot of effort to help me and it is certainly appreciated. G. – Melbourne, VIC

Ramona, what an amazing journey it’s been. Now I can walk in my wardrobe and pick up any clothe and be very confident when wearing them. You’re so easy and fun to work with. I’ve enjoyed all of the experience and most of all the shopping trip was so good. You made me try things that I would never wear and it worked perfectly. Thank you Ramona A.M.F. – Melbourne, VIC

Hi Ramona, thanks so much for the scarf demonstrations & styling assistance in store at our event at Gracies Boutique this afternoon! K.W – Melbourne, VIC

Ramona came over today for my personal styling session and it was fantastic. I learnt about my body shape, my personal style and I found out why my “FULL” wardrobe of clothes doesn’t work for me. I have too many clothes that don’t suit my body shape and my wardrobe caters for a small portion of my lifestyle needs. What a light bulb moment that was. Thank you Ramona. You are amazing at what you do and you really do care and want to help us look our best. H.M – Melbourne, VIC

Ramona was fabulous, she went through my wardrobe from top to bottom and I now have about 50 beautiful “new” outfits without buying much beyond a few pretty scarves and 2 new blouses! I knew she had done well when I came down this morning and my hubby said, “you look pretty this morning.” What could be a better result!! Thank you, Ramona!! K.C. – Sanctuary Lakes, VIC

Thanks for all your help Ramona! I am loving my new look and clothes! I have had quite a lot of compliments too! Briony W., Melbourne, VIC

I enlisted Ramona’s help as I’d been lucky to have recently lost weight. I had a gala event to attend & had no idea where to start – what color, what style, what size. I also wanted to invest in my ‘style future’ as I’d spent my life in dark shapeless cover ups. Basically I felt clueless & out of my depth. Ramona did an amazing job helping me choose a dress for the event. At no time was I pushed into something that I was uncomfortable with & my confidence on the night was at an all-time high because of how I looked. I’m excited about my next steps with Ramona as she has helped me realise it’s time to invest in me & for the first time ever, feel I deserve it. Paula P. – Melbourne, VIC

Thanks so much Ramona for an amazing journey so far. I really learned so much about my body shape and style in my initial consultation – it really opened up options for my wardrobe that I never thought I could wear. I also loved our follow on color consultation! Was really interested to see how some of my favorite colors and those I naturally gravitate to are the right colors for me and also to learn about all the new colors I could try that I never thought I could wear! Can’t wait to find my first yellow piece! Ana W. – Melbourne, VIC


“I employed Ramona’s service as a personal stylist to get an outfit for my brother’s wedding. After wearing maternity clothes for most of the past 3 years dressing up for a big formal event was a bit daunting, thus, it was great to go shopping with someone who has an eye for fashion, who knows how to combine clothes and accessories to create a “look” and who knows what works for my shape, skin and hair colour. I also loved the efficiency of our shopping trip! Ramona knows exactly where to go, which Sydney shops are worth a visit and which aren’t. With her calm, confident personality she gives honest, respectful advice and leaves you feeling positive about your new look.” Sabine K, Sydney, NSW

“The fashion queen is in town! After giving birth to my beautiful daughter, I needed new clothes to replace those big T-shirts and trousers! With the help of my image consultant Ramona, her expert eye and few dollars (I realised that you do not have to spend that much to look fabulous), I now feel like a yummy mummy.” When is your Sydney workshop? I would be interested in coming along if you don’t mind.” Sandrine C. , Sydney, NSW

Hi Ramona, I sought your advice to get my wardrobe up to date and also to help me find an outfit for my son’s wedding. You gave me the confidence to choose clothes and accessories to suit “me”.
You have a lovely personality and made everything a positive experience. Thank you, Ramona. Jenny F., Sydney, NSW

I always wanted to have a ‘makeover’. I’d watch the TV shows, wishing someone would transform me into the best ‘me’ I could be.

Since tuning 40, my attitude toward myself has become kinder- I am more accepting of my limitations, and I’ve started to recognise my positive attributes for the first time ever.

The first step on my new path was easy- I did a one day makeup course, but I was still keen to make sure I was dressing well for my age. I wanted my colors done and to have someone confirm my body shape (you kind of get the gist from the internet but how can you be sure?). I hadn’t taken that next step mostly due to cost, but in truth it was also because I wasn’t really wasn’t ready for a change.

Then I saw Ramona’s ad on the Point Cook Residents page, and it’s like the stars aligned: I had money, I had time, and I was finally tired of the same old same old.
So I took a chance, and I am so glad I did. Ramona is a gorgeous lady- she is open and honest but not pushy. I felt she sincerely was there to help me feel better about myself. She considered my lifestyle and tastes before analysing what ‘colors’ suited me best, what ‘style’ type I preferred, and discussed clothing suited to my body shape. Then I tried on every single item of clothing I owned- it’s a very hands-on process!
She showed me why some of my clothes worked and why some didn’t, and for those outfits I kept, she showed me how to coordinate pieces together with jewellery and bags and shoes.

We finished the (very long) day with a list of items to purchase at my leisure (although she does offer a joint shopping service) to compliment what I had. I’ve donated 4 garbage bags full of clothes to the Op Shop!! That was scary, particularly for the first few days when my wardrobe looked sad and empty- its hard throwing out the old favorites- but I’m glad I did it. Sentimental does not always equal stylish…

But it’s more than just colors and shapes- Ramona also sets you personal challenges to really look inside yourself.
Change is mental as well as physical- it was quite confronting but very rewarding. Now I know I look better, which has given me more confidence. And more confidence has led to a surprising number of compliments, which has also given me a confidence boost. It has been a refreshing change to like who I see on the outside as well as liking who I’m becoming.

So my way of giving back to you, Ramona, is to write this testimonial recommending your services. Please use it to show to anyone who needs a makeover or even just a ‘tweak’.
Insight Style is an investment in YOU- and YOU are worth the investment! K.L., Melbourne, VIC

For more testimonials and reviews please check my Facebook Page Insight Style! Thank you! Ramona Borg