The Best Personal Stylist In Port Melbourne

The Best Personal Stylist In Port Melbourne One Could Ever Ask For, Is the One Who Makes Me Feel Very Special And Unique!

We are all beautiful and unique… “I truly believe that we don’t have to be rich to look like a million dollars! “

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As a little girl growing up in the Italian part of Switzerland an hour from Milan, the fashion capital of the world, I was already infused with a love of fashion, fashion trends and the importance of being well dressed and groomed. From an early age my mum taught me the importance of dressing well whether going down to the shops or out to a formal occasion. The lesson she instilled in me was to dress for my own well being – to feel good about myself not just for appearance but to help me feel great on the inside.

Fashion has been my passion my whole life.

In 2004 I migrated to Australia and after having my first child, I decided to take this passion to the next level and obtain formal training with the “Style Coaching Institute in the UK” which led to the creation of “InSight Style”.

Known as the best  personal stylist in Port Melbourne Ramona will help me learn how to look good on the outside and to feel great on the inside. As the best Image Consultant in Port Melbourne, Ramona will show me the tools that she has learnt, and will teach me secrets of good style, dress sense, and that all important look and feel, which I truly believe will help me feel great every day.

Ramona’s role is to guide me, and help me to recognise my body shape, personal wow colours and help me to learn how wearing specific types of clothing can make a huge difference to my overall confidence and self esteem.

Using these new found tools, I will be able to explore my local shopping area for clothes that meet my life style and budget.

As fashion trends are my passion I will look after myself and keep up to date with the most up to date fashion information and fashion trends available. I will be provided with a personal stylist in Port Melbourne who’s advice is creative, genuine, imaginative, stylish, caring. As my style coach Ramona will ensure that the experience I take on is fun, enjoyable and rewarding for me and it most of all it comes with her unique 100% Results Guarantee.

Here Is What One Of Ramona’s Client’s Said About Her:
“InSight Style is more than just colours and shapes- Ramona Borg also sets your personal challenges to really look inside yourself. Change is mental as well as physical- it was quite confronting but very rewarding. Now I know I look better, which has given me more confidence and more confidence has led to a surprising number of compliments, which has also given me a confidence boost. It has been a refreshing change to like who I see on the outside as well as liking who I’m becoming. Insight Style is an investment in ME- and I am worth the investment!”
K.L. Melbourne, VIC

About InSight Style:
InSight Style’s Ramona Borg is known as the best personal stylist in Port Melbourne for women who want to learn how to look good and feel great everyday simply by what they wear. Call Ramona the best personal stylist or image consultant in Port Melbourne and an exceptional one at that, Ramona will help you discover your personal style which is your starting point to developing confidence and self esteem within myself. With a personal stylist helping me out, I will learn how to complete my wardrobe makeover and venture on a shopping trip with my personal shopper, who will help me complete my wardrobe makeover and with many new outfits to wear. Gone are the days of starring at my wardrobe wondering what will I wear today and wondering when will my wardrobe makeover happen, it has, and my image consultant has shown and helped me how to look after that and now I feel absolutely fabulous everyday!

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