Which ER Are You?

Like most women, we want to feel great by what we wear, however sometimes we were items of clothing that simply diminish our intended style, look or appearance we are aiming for.

Feeling great by what we wear may only require a few minor shifts, adjustments or changes to go from not happy with what I am wearing to “WOW” I feel amazing.

As a personal stylist, I’ve probably heard all of the ‘ER’ questions that are asked, however these 2 are by far the most common I consistently receive and what seems to frustrate us girls the most:

1. How can I look slim-ER?
2. How can I look tall-ER?

Which one of these questions are you most likely to ask?

There are styling tips that help with the ‘ER’ questions that can be put into practice no matter your body shape, size or height and they can be broken down into 7 categories, Today I am going to share with you the main 3.

Ok, so let’s get started

Here are the 3 Fashion tips to help you look taller or slimmer

#1 – The Fit: When it comes to your wardrobe, draping is defined as loosely fitting tents of sorts. Let’s find a happy medium in between draping and clinging. Look for a fit that accentuates the assets and disguises the liabilities.

#2 The Layering: By layering strategically, you can slim down your proportion quite effectively.

#3 The Shoes: Shoes tell a story and add frosting to any outfit, they can also be the demise of a good outfit. If you want a longer, leaner looking leg – then go nude.

Want To Know How To Look Stylish:

These are just a few fashion  tips on how you can look taller and how you can look slimmer and how you can look good and feel great simply by what you wear.

So spruce up your wardrobe makeover and become your very own personal stylist or image consultant all whilst having fun discovering which clothes boost your confidence and self esteem. You can follow these women’s style trends to standout with confidence?


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