Organise A Private Styling Workshop With Your Girlfriends And Learn How To Get The “WOW Factor”!

Whatever the occasion, a style workshop is a great way to have a good time with your friends whilst learning and talking about fashion, accessories and much more. InSight Style brings you a personal stylist direct to you while having some simple refreshments (tea, coffee, cake or… a glass of wine and some nibbles!

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Unleash your Style Within!

Our Style Workshops are all about helping you and your guests to find their natural style and clothes that work in harmony with your body shape, colour and personality. At the end of the workshop you will all be able to identify what suits each of you and what works. You will all be looking forward to your next shopping trip and more wearable wardrobes suited to your individual lifestyles, knowing what to wear and reaching your “wow factor”.

InSight Style Workshops will give you and your friends the tools to look confident:

  • Discover your own style personality and learn the importance of why everybody needs a different look to make them feel comfortable.
  • Get to know your body shape and learn what suits you best
  • Are you a “warm or a cool person” ?
  • Learn how to wear your old outfits (guests can bring along 2-3 outfits of their choice)
  • Ramona will answer all your fashion/styling questions
  • The workshop organizer will get FREE 30 min. Wardrobe Analysis after/before the workshop
Each attendee should bring 2-3 garments, something that you find challenging or find difficult to wear or match with other colours or styles. It could also be something that you are not sure that is flattering you.
This should be either a top, a pair of pants, a jacket, skirt, dress or a piece of accessory


A Style Workshop is ideal for Birthdays, Kitchen Teas, Bridal Parties and Baby Showers, or any occasion that calls for fun, fashion and style! All styling events can be in your home or at a venue of your choice.

Style Workshops are great because for a little investment you get a full styling session with a professional stylist!

How does it work?

A Style Workshop can host minimum 4 ladies. Depending on the number of guests, our Style Workshop lasts approx 2 – 3 hours and can be held in the morning, afternoon or evening.

For more information or to book a workshop, go to

InSight Style Workshop reinforces your own sense of style and broadens your knowledge!

Unleash your Style Within and Get the “WOW Factor” Now!